Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elegance in Periwinkle

I listed these beauties today, I think they’re gorgeous! I made a pair for a bride to wear on her wedding day in a few weeks & she fell in love with them. I’ve heard she hasn’t taken them off yet. They’re my favorite color too, Periwinkle.
(Click HERE to view listing / Click the photo to view full size photo)

I'm so proud of those little guys. I*m till working on some designs for the new project. I went to the craft store yesterday to look around & waist some time & got a ton of new idea's. I*ve gotta figure out if my favorite design is actually do-able. I*ll keep you guys updated. I plan to start on 1 of those designs this Friday. I've got a few days off work to do a wedding cake this weekend. So the new designs will be going into a new shop on etsy but I think to gain attention i'll post them on my blog before they're up for sale. Keep checking in!! ;D

4 people had something to say:

Holly said...

They're so pretty! I think they'd be just perfect for a bride. What a sweet story! ♥

BeadedTail said...

Those earrings are very pretty! I cand see why the bride loves them so much!

Duni said...

Love the design!

Lynne said...

Sold! I love these and have to have them! I so rarely purchase any jewelry for myself, but these are calling my name! Etsy... here I come!