Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yay for fabric!

I*ve been sitting around the house all day, i need to get all my stuff off my floor & hang my clothes up & get them in my closet. It*s beautiful outside & I*ve had the window open all day, it*s getting hotter though. I*ve been in a fairly creative mood today. I made my first key chain. It*s a snarky smiley face. :P I had to sacrifice a throw pillow to stuff it though. I*ll post the picture when i add his ring.

I pulled out some fabric ive been holding out on forever & I*m going to attempt a new way to make zipper pouches. Mom bought me an awesome sewing machine for Christmas & I*ve been scared to play with it. I did do the few pouches i have listed but it was nerve racking because if i cut my felt it wouldn't fit into the pouch. Today im being adventurous, whats the worst that can happen? I*ll just have to cut a few stitches out. Hopefully these little cuties will make it into the etsy shop & UC.net.
I*ll only have 1 kitty pouch though, i made my little cousin a pencil pouch when i got the fabric.

2 people had something to say:

Jen said...

I love finding things I've stashed away. Great fabrics!

Walk in the Woods said...

What fun! I've kicked my fabric addiction (kinda), yet I still appreciate fine and fun fabrics! Enjoy!!