Saturday, May 2, 2009

Looking through the glass

I*m going to try to get some things done tomorrow. I*ve been up since 6:30am {couldnt sleep anymore} & i met Candace at 8:30am to be at the Relay for Life at 9 to help paint faces. We had a good time, it was such a pretty day all day. There where a few clouds but nothing to spoil anything & it didnt rain. We also had a birthday party for my naana, whos real birthday isnt until tomorrow. Candace made butterfly cupcakes for the event {Steven helped although he dont wanna admit it}. For those of you who dont know we have 5 sets of twins in our family { the first set starting with my brother & I}. I took a picture of Sarah & Caitlyn doing what they do, do you know who is who? To everyone else it*s so hard for them but if you know them on a personal level they are 2 TOTALLY different people. Candace is 10 years older than them & I am 9 years older so since the day they were born we picked one to help take care of {like Julie & Joanna did with me & Kevin}. She picked Sarah & I picked Caitlyn. Sarah is so much like Candace & Caitlyn is so much like me. Caitlyn is funny, spontaneous, creative, truthful & loud {just like me} Sarah is the medium opposite but she is really funny too. Some things they say & their mom will look at one of us like "i knew you had something to do with that". Caitlyn has no problem speaking her mind but Sarah gives a lot of thought into what she says.
I will do features next week but i just wanted to take a day to recognize my family, they read my blog & they*ve never said anything about it. Things change from day to day & ya never know if that day is going to be your last. I*ve lost 2 best friends, a close friend & an uncle recently. Just make sure your family & friends know how much they mean to you & thank them for what they do for ya.

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missknits said...

its soooo good to hear from you! but i am so so very sorry for your losses recently. losing a loved one is never easy! i lost an uncle recently, and watching a friend die of cancer now. never easy no matter what. but time does help heal! i hope you are doing well!