Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Notta To Do

I had some things to do this morning. The plan was to wake up when Justin woke up to go to work. That didn't work out as i planed, my head hurt so i curled up in the fetus position until 10:45am. My head still hurts & i just woke up from another nap. I didn't get a chance to sew on the zippers to my pouches today so I*m going to try to get them done tonight. I had to go to Justins bank which is an hour from where we live and i had to pass right by Joann's. I hadn't been in a while so i dropped in & they*re having a sale! I only had $10 with me but i got zippers & fabric & some felt, i spent $9.72. :) I found some cute new fabrics so i wanna go back some time this week. We shall see. Thanks everyone for the promotional help. I got the pink fabric in the last pouch on ebay. I thought it was so cool so i had to snag it. It*s a magenta & a light pink almost white but not really. I*m going to let Roo out & start on my pouches & wait for Justin to get home. How has everyone's day been?

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Crystal Raen said...

A sale at Joann's is SOOOO hard to resist :-D