Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 New Zipper pouches!

I finished the pouches last night. We caught upon some Jericho & i sewed & sewed & sewed i couldn't stop. I*ll be adding the music note pouch to etsy today & the other 2 will be on by the end of the week. I*ve heard it is a good idea to list an item a day here in etsy land. I must say the music pouch is my favorite too. I*ll be adding the other 2 to tomorrow I*m super tired tonight.

(Music note zipper pouch $10)(Amy Butler Lotus Zipper pouch $10)
(Pink Swirl Scroll Zipper Pouch $10)

I*m thinking of getting another job. We have lost 2 people this month & i want to know i have something to fall onto a few days a week. Justin is a manager for Staples {thats how we met} & since I*ve wasted a few years of my life at Staples i thought about going back 2 days a week. I worked at the Staples in Wakefield, i loved everyone i worked with they were so funny & my mangers knew when i was having a bad day & they*d find me a replacement & i*d go home to cry it out. :) I miss you guys Ryan! I*d walk around with my shoes off lay around in the mangers office & complain about the choice of the day, etc. I even cussed out another employee once & they fired the other employee. I started at $7 & when i left i was making $9.50. I thought it was pretty good being a cashier {who didnt really do anything, not even what she was told}. There were regular people who come in to buy their office stuff & some just dropped in to chat. When i see those people around they tell me how much they miss me & how big of ass' the people who are there now are. The Staples Justin works at is in Chapel Hill {an hour from here} & they arnt nice at all {I*ve met them}. I dont think my bubbly tude would be welcome. I don*t have the brain mouth filter & i talk a lot {you cant tell though right hehe} :)

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cherscrap23 said...

Hey girl! Love those zippered pouches, good job! Thanks again for checkin' out my blog! : )