Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pink Swirl Scroll Zipper Pouch

So, when i turned my computer on i got a violation message. Yup...My computer has caught a virus! Blast you Limewire, hehe. So, if you don*t see me for a few days. that is what happened. I can*t wait until tomorrow, i can take a nap when i get home! It*s cold & rainy - has been all day.

I listed another zipper pouch!
I have so much fun making these. I*m planning to do another one tonight or tomorrow and have it up by Saturday. Dont forget tonight is the last night to enter my giveaway! The name will be drawn at 12am!!!

(Pink Swirl Scroll Zipper Pouch $10)

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7 people had something to say:

Christina said...

I like your zipper pouches! I need to go look at your shop now. :)

Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Great website! I enjoyed browsing your awesome items.

LittlePeanutShop said...

What a cute pouch!

Spitting Image said...

hey thanks for the feedback on my masks! I'd love a feature.

Spitting Image said...

p.s. I saw your convo on our spitting image etsy page, yes, I am considering making more and selling them at etsy.

Brandon said...

thats one sweet pouch!

missknits said...

oh no!! hope you get your computer fixed and virus free! ick! no fun! but cute cute pouch!!