Monday, December 8, 2008

Another sneak peek!

Justin is closing tonight so he wont be home until 11pm so I*ve got loads of time to kill. I have made 3 new zipper pouches. I don*t have anymore zippers so i have to grab those before i head to the bank tomorrow morning. I*m happy the way the Care Bear zipper turned out. It was my first try, i didnt even have to cut any threads. I got my hot chocolate & was trying to find something to do. I saw my bag of fabrics & felt so i starting digging & i found some useful pieces.Here is a sneak peek of what i made with them! They will be in the shop & on the site either tomorrow or by the end of the week. These photo's are not the best by far because its dark outside. So i will be retaking the photo's before i list these beauties.

I*m trying to figure out how to promote my website. I have an etsy site but the people of etsy keep that seen, so i just want to get my website out there for everyone to see. Does anyone have any thoughts on what i can do? It would be cheaper for me to keep it than to pay etsy fee's.

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7 people had something to say:

Laarni said...

I love your online shop. There are so many cute items.

I also own an online shop but i just don't have time to promote it right now. YAY!

Kind regards. :X

TiLT said...

wish I could help...I wanted to do the same, but decided to try Art Fire and Wink Elf instead...smaller venues.
You could put a paypal widget on your blog & load up some items right here.

SleightGirl said...

Beautiful! I just love the musical one :)

missknits said...

your pouches turned out soo cute! good luck with the website, wish i had some advice, but i have yet to delve into that realm yet.

Mary Ann said...

I don't have any website advice for you, but I wanted to say that I love the music note zip pouch.

Estela said...

I love the fabric in the last pouch!

valerie said...

The music one is my fave! :)