Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Zipper Pouch!

This week just wont slow down. Yesterday was Justin's 24th birthday so we ate dinner at his parents, did the gift thing, then went to a movie that was followed by cake & ice cream. I was a little tired so i didnt notice i shoved a forkful of coconut into my mouth. I was talking so i wasnt paying attention to what i was eatting. I*m allergic to coconut & i started feeling it on the way home. I*m glad we left when we did. It made me sick so it all came up but i felt worse after that. I layed down & forgot to put Roo up so when Justin came to bed at 3am this morning Rupert was asleep laying beside my head on my pillow. He is so sweet at times, I love his fuzzy butt. I had a little time last night so i made a new zipper pouch! My first time ever using zippers, i think i did good? I love Care Bears so the fabric was a must. What do ya think? How has everyone's day been thus far? If you don't have an etsy account you can swing by

Care Bear Zipper Pouch
{Click to see the etsy listing.}

I got tagged by Caiti
Now I must list 15 things I'm not afraid to admit.

1) I try not to judge people, but sometimes they just scream for it.

2) I*m a little insucure.

3) If you don*t know me personally you may think I*m a bitch. {I*m not really - SO get to know me :D }

4) I already have a name picked out for my unborn baby girl. {buahaha - she will take over the world one day}

5) I like to make people happy. {doesn't always happen because people love to whine heh}

6) I play bass & dabble with drums. I like to make lots noise.

7) I*m never seen without my ipod.

8) I bob my head, humb & dance around when i listen to my ipod. {whever i am}

9) I like to think in all my choas i have some things figured out.

10) I like to be busy, i hate sitting around doing nothing.

11) For my 19th bday i went sky diving & i had to pee so bad!

12) I LOVE music & i love finding new bands. If you have any to add please leave me a comment!

13) I love & treat Rupert {aka Roo (the chinchilla)} like he is my child.

14) I love green tea with citrus

15) I love my job, its not like work more like hanging out with my mom & starting new friendships with the people we meet.

2 people had something to say:

Michelle said...

that pouch is sooo cute!

iamglamourpuss said...

So cute! I'm terrified to sew zippers...don't know why. But I'm going to face my fears soon and give it a go!

Very cool that you're in Raleigh...I'm near Charlotte!

Happy Holidays and many sales in your shop!