Monday, December 15, 2008

My brain is going to fall out

Since yesterday my brain has been going a thousand miles a minute. Roomer has it that mom got me a sewing machine. {YAY!} If this is the case {which i think it is because i asked Justin and all he said was "dont buy 1"} I*ll be giving away free gifts with every order starting after new year. I*m also concentrating on jewelry again.I sort of slipped out of it for a little while but now I*m back. I just wanted to test the waters else where. We haven't had a lot of extra money since we*ve been trying to catch up on bills & just live. I woke up when Justin's clock went off at 9:00am {although he did not - he doesnt feel good} & I*ve been looking for beads & anything interesting i can find. I*ve found a few but they werent right for what i want. Can you tell I*m excited? We are supposed to be having dinner with Justin parents and some of their friends tonight but i dont know if we are going to go. Justin doesn't feel good, which sucks because i feel like im going to be aggravating today. :O) I had a few sales over the past few days that require the use of my printer, but the boyfriend broke it. I had him buy a new one while he was buying his laptop so it should be here by Wednesday, sorry for the delay guys. :O(

How was your weekend?

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4 people had something to say:

threemoonbabies said...

You have a really cute etsy shop! Here's hoping for that new sewing machine for Christmas:)

Jen said...

I hope he feels better and you get that sewing machine! That would be awesome!

Angie said...

I hope you get your sewing machine!

missknits said...

oo how fun would a sewing machine be!! hope you get it !