Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Zipper pouch & Birthday's

Since Thursday is my birthday, my birthday wish is to have 175 sales! With this little notion i'm toying with I*ll be giving anyone who makes a purchase a free gift until i reach 175. Me & my twin brother have decided to have a get together at the Olive Garden. Last year we went and we had 30 people show up, needless to say we totally took over the back section. This is a week of birthday's in my family. My cousin Chris had his today & my aunts is tomorrow, with ours on Thursday, & My aunt's daughter's on the 23rd. Yeah...tell me about it...

I added a new zipper pouch too. It*s the last one because i have ran out of fabric. I made myself one when i first got it & everyone loves it! It*s so bright & so crisp, it's one of my favorites. The Fabric is Amy Butler's Lotus collection & the pattern is Tree Peony. It's beautiful.

Lotus Collection Zipper Pouch

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8 people had something to say:

Erin Byers said...

I love this print! Thanks for stopping by! HAve a happy snowfall!

cherscrap23 said...

Cute pouch and Happy Birthday Leslie!

Estela said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Duni said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I love that fabric. I have the same variation in pink!

storybeader said...

great looking pouch!

Youniquely Chic said...

Great Items!
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

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