Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to The Rainbow Room

Every now i love color, that is no surprise! So i don*t know how i have missed this lovely blast of color! Today's feature is The Rainbow room. She has a lot of unique items from felted soap to Christmas cards. I*m digging the soap! Here is her interview.

1.) What is your name?

My name is Claire aka Claraluna of ‘The Rainbow Room’

2.) Tell us about yourself.
I am an artist & mother who lives in Mid-Wales in the UK. I stay at home and look after my 3 year old daughter and when she hanging out with her dad or asleep...... I become Clara Luna and I save the world in my own special way by filling it with colour & rainbows!!
The internet plays a large part in my life, especially for my work and in keeping up to date with the real world!! I share my photos on Flickr
and I blog too

3.) What is the Url of your store?

4.) How long have you been a crafter?
Always!! I think I inherited the gene from my Nan, she was an amazing artist who started her own lampshade factory and craft supplies business, she was an amazing lady : )
I have been crafty all my life. I am a trained designer and have a BA (hons) in Fashion & Textile Design. I have worked professionally designing socks, creating mosaics and doing some interior design, but I am most happy working for myself and experimenting in many different mediums including felt, feltmaking, mosaic, polymer clay and anything I can use to express my love of vibrant colour and pattern. Did I say I LOVE rainbows!!

5.) Please list the type of item( s) you sale.
I sell colourful felt hair accessories and brooches/pins, felted soaps, recycled crayons. Also I have some special items for Christmas, mini felt stockings and a special Christrmas card printed with my ‘Christmas Rainbow’ illustration. I have a lot of ideas for expansion in the new year too.

6.) What / Whom inspires you to create?
My favourite artists are Gaudi, Hundertwasser, Klimt & Keith Haring, anything with bold colours and exciting patterns. I also find mainstream design inspiring, window shopping really helps me focus my ideas, I like to visit civilization every so often to see whats new!
Living in the countrytside, I take a huge amount of inspiration from nature and have also learnt a lot helping to run a Steiner Waldorf inspired playgroup, and love the natural toys and materials used for creative play.

7.) Why did you choose to create the items you make?
My work is constantly evolving, I have been selling my handmade natural soap for five years now, which is how I found out about felting. I felted a few bars of soap for gifts, then took a couple of courses to learn some more techniques. I was totally surprised I had done a degree in textiles but never heard about felt making, its very therapeutic! My work with craft felt was inspired by an amazing trip to Ibiza, the craft markets, fashion and art is so colourful, I returned with a great passion to make special ‘Art Accessories’ in vibrant colours, felt was just the perfect material, and exciting beads and sparkly sequins add the finishing touches that make my pieces extra special. I started by making a birthday card for my daughter, then some hair clips, then some more cards for friends and as gifts etc etc

8.) When did you start your store/selling the things you make?
I started selling online through my Etsy shop this September. Etsy is just such a great place to be, so inspiring and such an eclectic mix of fantastic work from all over the world - I LOVE IT!

Felted Flower Hair Accessory
Heart Felted Soap - Lavender wrapped in a Rainbow
Funky Felt Mini Christmas Stocking
Christmas Rainbow - Pack of 7 Colourful Christmas Cards

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Thanks for the feature : ) and lovely write up!
Claraluna x

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I know arn't the stockings cute! The cards look cool too, see um?

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Wow! love it all! THose stockings are my fave!

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oooo! i love the cards!

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wow such cute and colorful things! love her shop! great interview too!!

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I will feel like rainbow bright for he rest of the day, after having her beautiful vibrant work infused into my minds eye. thanks for sharing!

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i love the colors
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nice interview.