Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sales, Sales everywhere, oh yeah and a broken toe!

Not much has went on today, i spent most of the day sleeping. I broke my little toe last night. I went for my x ray & there was all all sad. I think it was having a little separation anxiety. It doesn't hurt it just looks really gross. The little jellybean is also toenail less. It doesn't realy hurt so i will be going to work tomorrow. Not much to talk about today. I wanted to re-arrange the dinning room. I*m having a couple sales for the next few days.

50% Off ALL clutches
I have marked down all the clutches at & down 50%! Check them out. It*s out with the old to make room for the new.

Blue Clutch

Casey Pink Clutch And FREE Gift
Green Polka Dot Clutch
Soft Pink Clutch

20% Off Sale {ends Nov 16th. Sticker sets not included}
Everyone gets to take 20% off everything in my shop! Take 20% off the price you see listed! You can either pay & I*ll refund the 20% or you can wait for a revised invoice.
{can not be combined with already marked down prices}

Now i am off to find a cheeseburger! :P

4 people had something to say:

Aroo Studio said...

Love the one with the owl on it! So cute.

Ruby-Jo said...

The owl is really cute :)

Lisa said...

yep the owlie is super cute! i hope you sell them all :) sorry about your little toe! mine is fully attached, with a full sized nail, so i think i would be in agony if mine broke lol! you're a trooper!

Rachel said...

These clutches are adorable!