Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mintd Your business :P

I forgot i signed up for a mintd account forever ago & never really used it. I was going through the forums over at WhatTheCraft & found a thread that had all the places to sell your handmade items. So i decided to brush up on my mintd. I think the reason i didn't do anything with it before is because it wasn't something i thought i needed to do. { like a lot of things} I thought i would just come to the surface & skim for a little while then i just forgot about it. Here's my mintd.

I still have a huge ticket to pay off so I*m holding a 20% off sale through my websites! ANYTHING & EVERYTHING you see, you can take 20% off! The prices havent been marked down yet so take 20% off the price you see. Also if your interested in custom order's please feel free to contact me! I hope everyone has a good night.

20% Off Sale {valid through Nov. 6th - Nov 16th}
Everyone gets to take 20% off everything in my shop! Take 20% off the price you see listed! You can either pay & I*ll refund the 20% or you can wait for a revised invoice.

2 people had something to say:

Lisa said...

your kawaii necklace is too cute! i'm sending sales fairy vibes your way :)

Leslie said...

Aww thanks dahlin! I was going to retake the photo's because the way the sun was it brings out the tiny little bubbles WAY more than they show. I think its adorable! The bubbles aren't noticeable.