Sunday, November 9, 2008

SpookiePookie's On The Loose!

This is Maria, she is the owner of SpookiePookie. She has ragdolls, prints, key chains, & ACEO's. Her rag dolls really stand out though. They have that handmade touch & remind me of Sally from "The nightmare before Christmas". Maria has had custom order's like: Korn issues doll, Corpse Bride, goth dolls, doll with bat wings etc. So if your looking for an awesome ragdoll stop in to talk to Maria. She*ll have you covered. She is currently having a sale: Buy One Doll And Get A Free Art Print or Doll Keyring of your choice. What a cool gift idea too! Get to know her better, here is her interview.

1.) What is your name?
Maria but im pretty much known to people from my shop name which is Spookie Pookie.

2.) Tell us about yourself.
I am a 19 year old student. I was never good in school or pretty much in learning. I always thought of myself of being useless to everything besides art. Thats why i believe that im really good in what im doing. In most of what im doing im self-taught, i hate tutorials, guidance, or any kind of rules. I am open for advices that have to do with my art and ofcourse im open to critisizm. I write horror stories based on my dreams, i sew dolls, make doll keyrings, I write lyrics and poems depending my mood, I love to sing, I love to dance random songs that might make me feel like moving, I am also a photographer and an inexperienced model. I like to draw, sketch and paint, although i still need to improve those skills. Mostly the only thing that keeps me going is my man and our bunny. The loves of my life. I'm cynical, i mostly hate people, im antisocial, im usually enraged, hot blooded, worried easily for everything, pissed off easily, annoyed, pretty sensitive with certain subjects, highly insecure and easily stressed. Oh yes and.. when i say i want to kill someone, i truly deeply mean it. I dont forgive easily, especially people that will try to hurt my man or my baby bunny. For the ones I care for im the cuddliest, warmest and loving person that you can find, for the others... they should better stay away. I'm currently studying graphic design.

3.) What is the Url of your store?

4.) How long have you been a crafter?
Crafter? if crafting includes any kind of art then since high school. If crafting includes only my dolls then its been almost 2 years that ive started.

5.) Please list the type of item(s) you sale.
Rag dolls, business card designs, doll key rings, photo prints and note cards.

6.) What / Whom inspires you to create?
My man, my nightmares.

7.) Why did you choose to create the items you make?
I can only speak about my dolls at that point. I starting making them in need of money and for something more to put in my portfolio for the university at that time. I thought what i could make and ragdolls came into my head. Thus, i made a few for the portfolio and then after i started to selling them, althougn in the start i wanted to keep them for myself. But i was truely in a need of money and i also wanted really bad to start selling dolls to people.

8.) When did you start your store/selling the things you make?
I honestly cant remember when I started my shop. But i remember i think that i found my first buyer on December, one year ago.

Candy - frankendoll
You can find her on her Blog, Etsy, Myspace.

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