Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas is 25 days away, are you prepared? I*m holding a cyber sale through Monday. As are a lot of people. I*ve done most of my shopping. I*m meeting my brother tomorrow to get my sticker from Myrtle beach & to give him our birthday stuff. Our birthday isn't until Dec. 18th but i can never wait that long. I get so excited when i give gifts. I got him some Newcastle Beer soap. It is his favorite beer so why not right? I also made him an Avendge sevenfold key chain. Mom asked what he wanted & i told her i had no idea, i don't go off what he wants {because i could careless} so i go by whatever screams *KEVIN*. It hasn't steered me wrong yet. I*ve had one of those days where everything is catching up at once so I*ve been in a BLAH mood today. With us being twins naturally he called about 2pm from the beack asking me if everything was ok, i said it was alright & he said i needed to cheer up because i was bringing him down. haha, i hate when that happens. The last time he was in a bad mood i went from so hyper i dont know what to do with myself to boohoo in no time. So i had to call him & tell him the same. My mom thinks its cool but our friends think it's weird. I haven't noticed until the last few days how much i miss mom & dad's house. I feel so comfortable there - raiding the cabinets & falling asleep on the couch listing to the fireplace crackle. Maybe it's just me in my rough patch but i miss "home".

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5 people had something to say:

Jen said...

Good luck with your sale. I'm sorry you go through those home sick moments. They are the worst, aren't they!

missknits said...

oh wow i didnt even know you were a twin! i think its cool you two have that kind of connection! and i hear ya about missing your parents house. for me its just missing my family. having them here, made me realize that! i dont get to see them nearly enough! hope you had a great thanksgiving though and making lots of sales!!

Estela said...

That's funny about you and your brother!!
I love being at my parents house too!!

TheresaJ said...

Sorry you're feeling homesick. :( This too shall pass, and it will always be a great place to visit.

Jacqueline said...

I can't till is xmas too...counting down the days! Good luck with sales and sorry your feeling home sick. >_<