Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fantastic Features For Wednesday.

L & B Accessories is a work at home mom of 2 awesome children & says "I love to design new things and play with fabric". As you can see she has an eye for the nice fabrics. I love the soft & bright colors she has to offer. Look at her wallets. They are so roomy! It is so hard to find a wallet with a lot of pockets. She photo's her items clearly in different angles to give you the 360* look. She also uses the contents in her wallet to show you the size of the wallets insides. Check out her shop & find something new for you or for your loved ones.

LexieJewel is an aspiring jewelry artist who enjoys taking photo's. As you can see she is very talented in what she does. You can find her items on or her website at I*ve searched a lot and i have yet to see such a unique way to use sterling silver. I love the way focus of one color on the shiny elements of the sterling silver. It's beautiful. She does a great job at photo's too. They are very clear & detailed. Take a look around her site & see for yourself.
Sky High PendantPassion Within Pendant
WOW! At first glace your already sucked in. Your eyes dance in a spectacle of color. It's so pretty! BLSoaps has a lot of info about their products. The soaps are handmade by the cold press method. BLSoaps says about her soaps "ahhh, it's like a little bit of heaven in one 4 oz bar". I believe it 1000%. I*m digging the colorful packaging too. The labels are bright & witty. The way the products are photoed you can almost imagine how they actually smell. I give this shop 2 thumbs up. If your in the market for some soap or lip balm you should slide in & slide out with a new favorite.
For those of you who are interested. Here are my new business cards. I opted for the vertical card. The cards are great. I*m thinking of getting post cards too. What will i use them for? lol bookmarks {Pff what book? jk! ;D } You can get these cards at You can click the photo for the bigger picture. For some odd reason it looks fuzzy here. :/

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michvanetta said...

Cute blog Leslie!
Your new business cards look fabo :)

xx Mich

Annette said...

Great blog, love the features for today!

L & B Accessories said...

Thanks so much for featuring my handbags and wallets! I appreciate it :)
Your blog looks great by the way!

LexieJewel said...

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the nice comments and featuring my jewelry!! I love your blog - makes you want to read more!!


Jen said...

Great feature and wonderful blog!
-10oneworld on Etsy