Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unique Savings!

I was doing some shopping for some Christmas gifts & I found also bought a few materials to make winter related items. I*m SO happy it*s not warm here anymore! It was 72* today & tomorrow is supposed to start feeling like fall. YAY! I*ve been waiting for this all summer.It was just too hot this summer, it was ridiculous. It is only supposed to be 55* all day tomorrow. woohoo scarf time!

I*m trying to get alot of things done at UniqueCharm.net & I*ll be adding a few to UniqueCharm.etsy. Since Justin & I were trying to catch up on our bills so we wouldnt fall behind during the holiday's we have a little free money now. He ties his in video games & of course i*m tieing mine into my website. I*ll go ahead & give you guys a heads up :X I*ll be giving away 3 "stuffed" stockings in December to 3 lucky winners. I*ll tell you more as the next month, BUT if you*d like to get in on all the juicy details you can sign up for the newsletter. I*ll also be throwing in a few freebie's that only the newsletter recipients will know about {soon}.

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Estela said...

it needs to be fall here. we are in the 80s, ho hum