Monday, September 29, 2008

That's So Randomness

It is 2am & I*m making cd's for my listening pleasure. For the past few weeks i cant sleep at all. Mom gave us Monday off to do what we will. Isn't she precious? ;D Justin is playing Gears Of War. I*m not really in the mood to do anything but what i want to do, so i dont want to play. Although & yes i know I*ve said this before. I can't wait for Gears Of War 2 to come out in November! You have to admit, even if you can't play it is so fun to watch. My favorite is General Ram. He is a locust. They are ugly as crap but Ram is cool because he has his coat that swishes when he runs. lol It distracts me sometimes. I'll be running around thinking about how cool my little guy looks & I*ll get my head popped. I don't play video games a lot but i cant play that game on split screen. I have the eye sight of a mole & the reflexes of a dead cow so it takes me a little while to get warmed up.

I can't wait to get the stuff i ordered. Mom called & i got my business cards yesterday so I*m going to pick them up today. I have a few people i need to send a lot too, so I*m glad they got here so quick like. I*ve been in a rather odd mood all day. Lately all i want to do is sleep, {and can't usually} i lay around or mope, i cry a lot for no reason, { i can think of at the time of the crying} & i want to be alone a lot. Mom says it sounds like im depressed. Recently I*ve been having more anxiety attacks too. I don't like airing my personal business but i guess I*m looking for a 2nd opinion?

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missknits said...

i battle with depression, and meds have helped, but even then i still go through boughts of it where it takes all i have just to get up in the morning. could be what you have. but i would see how long it lasts? i think everyone goes through down times. if it lasts more than a couple of weeks where you feel like you just cant pick yourself up out of it, then i would start thinking about it being true depression. but its also ok to have down times, if you need it, its your body's way of saying slow down. take the time, but then after a few days try and pick yourself up again. if you cant, ask a doc!

Estela said...

you are sounding like me!
are you about to start your "time" haha, I hate to say period, and I just did! Anyways, mine causes all those symptoms and I was diagnosed with pmdd. Symptoms usually kick in a week before. If you don't treat it, it can last some time. So if you keep feeling weird please see someone. It's very stressful for other people to see you sad. :(