Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sleep Deprived But Full Of Idea's.

I finally got a moment to rest. I*ve been so busy with work the last few days to focus on anything else. I*m doing a design scheme for a wedding in November. I*m excited the lady asked! Her planner bailed out & since she knows my mom designs & consults & mom has taken me on she called mom to ask me. She's doing it in light fall colors I*m so excited! Justin & I watched "Untraceable" this morning & went to bed at 4am. The movie was great! NOT for the weak tummies though.

I*ll also be adding a new line oh say the mid to end of October. I*m not going to post all the items in my etsy shop but you can find them on I dont want to post a piece at a time so I*m going to have a little stock before i add them. I*ll keep you posted. It's going to be different & well...Unique :P

I dont have to long to post because I*m going to a poker tournament tonight. Wish me luck!

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missknits said...

oh how fun! i hope you post pics of what you do for the wedding!!! and good luck at the poker game!

emsan said...

Hi! Just catching up with some blogs! Oh, and you should check out my new treasury ;-)

kim* said...

cool hope i get to see them soon