Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Little In Between

Today so far hasn*t been so hot. Mom called me last night & said i*d have the day off today because she was going to handle everything. I woke up to my phone's message tone & it was my mom. I guess she doesn*t need me tomorrow either. I got all upset because we are depending on money i bring home. Me missing 2 days thats a little over $100 Justin & I aren*t getting. We have a massive amount of bills to pay since he got his car back & yada yada. So i*m just stressed out. Justin*s telling me i have to leave my mom & get another job daadaadaa daadaadaa. We*ve already talked about this & I*m sick of hearing about it. Ya know how that is? lol if your going to be moody & unpleasant cant ya at least bring up something new? :(

On a happier note i got more packages yesterday! hehe Just so we are clear i spend the money i have in paypal for my little goodies. :P I received my polka dot cupcake dress for the Blythe doll that i dont have yet. You know how it is you have to start getting stuff before you get one. She can*t be nakie. I got the cute little thread from Jenny. You should check her out she has a lot of great stuff! She has the cutest Blythe dresses! You also see a tin of lip balm in the mix. I purchased that from Shannon's Irish Bliss. It smells excellent & i love the way it makes my lips feel. Plus the tin closes & locks tightly so the lid doesn't slide off into my purse & everything around it fall victim to a good slather. Shannon is extremely nice as well. I got the wine cork key chain from Nikki.She is super sweet too & she lives in NC as well so it got here in like a day which was awesome. I purchased it for Justin*s mom who loves her wine so i thought it would be a cute Christmas gift.
$2 Ad's for an entire month!
There will be 5 ad spots up at once. After all 5 ad's have been taken you*ll have to wait until a spot opens up. Like first come first serve. I was going to change the ad's on the 1st of every month but thats not really fair for the people that have only been there a few weeks. So I*ll be changing the ad's once that shop has been there for a month. If you make a purchase for an ad & you go on the waiting list, don*t worry you*ll get the next open spot as i go down the list & so forth. You will not get skipped over.

You*ll remain on www.UniqueCharm.net & www.UniqueCharms.blogspot.com for the entire month.. If you wish to remain in your spot all you have to do is purchase another spot. If you*d like to automatically purchase another spot you can do so when you buy your first ad & you*ll stay on for 2 months with a guaranteed spot.

If your interested you can go HERE & pay for the months you*d like. Then either send me an e-mail at
Leslie@uniquecharm.net or leave a comment here on my blog & I*ll get back to you for your information. If you have any questions you may also comment here or shoot me an email. Thanks so much for your interest!

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Princess Caitlin said...

I like your new banner a lot!

Tizzalicious said...

That is a cute dress indeed!

Katie @ Très Lola said...

Cupcake Polka Dot Dress = Suuuuuuuuuuuper cute!! <333

Anne said...

Your blog has been featured!!

Just wanted you to know I started a new blog on reviews and decided to do my first one on Unique Charm since your lovely products caught my eye about a week back while I was browsing.

If you'd like to check it out you can visit http://whatmommysays.blogspot.com/