Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet Melp1979!

If you*ve check out you know there is a lot of great talents out there. Everyone is so nice & helpful. I*ve joined this great team called C.A.K.E (Creative Artists Kick~Ass Etsians) & we*ve had a BnR going for 60 days now with 669 sales. We*ve got an awesome list of people with great benefits of being on the list! With so many talented people in one spot its hard to go through everything & pick just one. So I wanted to bring a certain individual to the surface..

1) Meet - She is a very talented individual. She has the most beautiful earrings, rings, & she also has destash. You should check her out! Another cool thing is if you buy from from THIS list, you*ll be on the list yourself with x2 sales before you get kicked off! Drop in & say hi to some of her jewels, take you home something nice!

These 2 are my favorite!! Go find yours!

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Rhonda said...

I love melp! I have several of her things and they are sooo wonderful. This is such a wonderful feature unique! You are such a sweetheart - hugs to you!!