Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Cupcake! Clutch

I*ve been watching Jon & Kate + 8 since i woke up this morning. I love that show, those little kids are adorable! TLC had a marathon & I watched a lot & dvr'd ones i havent seen. Justin & i watched a few while sitting around. He watched Fantastic 4 while i promoted a little. He's so patient about that, he knows i love it. Since today was Memorial Day everything closed at the 6pm. I'd been begging him to take me to Michaels for days now (i cant drive his car it's a stick) so we leave at 5:30pm to get to Michael's, Staples, & the grocery store to get everything we needed. It sucked because i didn't have time to get everything at Michaels & i forgot half the stuff i went for. However, i did get more felt in a few different colors. I forgot the thread & other velcro & tags but at least i got enough to get me through tonight. I made the CUTEST clutch! I call it "You Cupcake! Clutch". I*m trying to come up with clever new names since i*m so "witty" and all. :) I thought about keeping it but it has to be shown to the world! So.. i WILL be making more but only with special orders. Check it out! Oh yeah - DON*T forget about my give away!

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Tizzalicious said...

That's super cute!

Robin Honig Willens said...

Hi there! Just put your link on my blog! Happy crafting.
:) Robin