Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Adds For Sunday!

I*ve been making a lot of things today! Mostly digitally mastered like my stickers. I8ve recently gotten into graffiti a little more. Justin & i do our own thing with it. He likes to do the names & stuff like that i like to do other things besides names. So i made the perfect sticker for graffiti artists! You can see it below, its so awesome! I also made some hello kitty coloring stickers. My little cousin is 4 & she loves hello kitty gee i love hello kitty too, who doesnt right? So I*ve got those as well. My aunt picked up a birthday card from me & a sheet of the kitty stickers for my little cousin. She gave me a great idea! Why not promo them together? Then they have a card & a little something extra. So here are my new adds for Sunday!

Graffiti Skull Sticker set $3.00

Greener On The Other Side Pouch $7.00

Hello Kitty Coloring Stickers $2.75

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4 people had something to say:

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Cute idea! My kids loved stickers when they were little!

Trevor said...

Hey there Sanrio Fan! SanrioTown and Dream Studio have something new for everybody who's looking forward to the public launch of Hello Kitty Online, Sanrio's very own MMORPG starring your favorite kitty and her friends: the Hello Kitty Online trailer contest! Open to all members of SanrioTown, this contest is sure to test the limits of your artistic mettle. Click on these links to find out more.

Christa said...

Great ideas....I loved Hello Kitty as a kid. Awesome Stickers!

Chloe Rose

Looking Glass Jewels said...

Fantastic stickers! :)