Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh-la-a..Whats that smell?

So yesterday i went to the mailbox, where i havent been in forever & saw a cute little blue & yellow package, it smelt GREAT! (i bet the postman smelled it too!) Karina sent me her promo*s. They*re bath salts & they are fantastic! I used the "Pink Sugar Candy". I got out of the tub & my boyfriend wouldn*t stop smelling me & rubbing my arm because i was so soft. You should drop in & check them out.

For the whole story on the poll to your right see blog for May 18th.

5 people had something to say:

SpinachNPeace said...

yummy! thanks for sharing her with us:)

Christy DeKoning said...

Mmmm...sounds wonderful.
I was excited to receive an Etsy package today too - Chai Tea Lip Balm from Naturally Basic
really smooth and silky, not waxy, smell good too!

snowy652 said...

sounds like a wonderful product --


gush4plush said...

That must have been heavenly. The best smelling mail ever. :D

Rachel said...

haha, I bet the postman was tempted, too, to keep your package!