Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cure My Tragedy

I have come up with an entirely different project to do. It*s going to be awesome! I*m coming up with new neat idea*s & personal designs. I*m excited! Now I*ve just gotta find the money to put these projects into play. But i can*t wait! Another thing i can*t wait for is my tax returns!! woohoo! I*ll be adding that to my down payment, which is most of my payment.

Justin is off tomorrow & I*m so happy! I*m so bored & so tire of being in this apartment i could scream. I*ve had so much time to sit around & think up new idea's. I can*t get another job until i get a car, I don*t know what i want. I want my car back! guhh! I*m so stressed out. This sucks

I*m trying to plain my meals for the day & i just noticed how much things add up! wow! I*m not on a diet by any means i*m just trying to eat right. What does that mean exactly? Do you count the fat grams, the calories....does the sugar matter? hehe I make myself feel better by eating little pieces of cake at a time :P Drinking 1 cup of coffee with only 7 spoonfuls of sugar & 1 cup of hot cocoa.

I*m giving a free gift to my 78th order!

Ears & Neck
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3 people had something to say:

Tizzalicious said...

7 spoonfuls of sugar? o_O

Hehe, sugar definitely makes a difference. I used to be quite chubby, and switched to low fat everything, and sweetner instead of sugar, and I lost a LOT of weight!

redd said...

don't you love getting new project ideas!
i already know what my next one is, and like you, i'm just waiting for a big enough chunk of liquid cash to get all the supplies. woo!

Leslie said...

i got your promo*s Redd! They*re adorable! i know it, i gotta get a job! I*m so exited though.

lol Tizz, i dont like my coffee to taste like coffee, lol that make any sense? I use splenda. i love low fat stuff! i couldn*t gain weight at all but since i havent had a job i*m at 105.. :X