Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Free $10 Gift Certificate From UniqueCharm.net!

I*ve been shopping all day. :D Jennifer, Tina & I were going to see "Horton Hears A Who" but Jennifer has morning sickness she*s had all day. So we decided to postpone. My mom came by & dropped off our clothes. I hate doing laundry so i love that mom likes for me & my brother to drop out clothes off at her house. I*d usually go get them & hang out but Justin still has the car so thats a no go. He called the guy about his car yesterday & the guy said its going to be another week 1/2!!! Something about shaving something down & something...i dont know. I just know i want my car back, i miss it! Today has went by really fast! Maybe because Justin didnt leave for work until 2pm. I*m revamping Uniquecharm.etsy.com! I*m excited I*m putting a lot of design into the new line. I love it! I hope you will to. To get UniqueCharm.net up & running I*m going to offer a few things there that i wont be adding to uniquecharm.etsy.com. If anyone purchases anything from UniqueCharm.net I*m offerring a flat rate of $2 for shipping. Doesn*t matter if you guy 3 things or just 1 thing. It ALL ships for $2! Just a little insight on my new projects, I bought 28G sterling silver wire :D Keep checking UniqueCharm.net for the new features!

Be the first to make a purchase at UniqueCharm.net & I*ll throw in a free $10 gift certificate. It will never expire so you can use it whenever!

2 people had something to say:

Tizzalicious said...

Iiieh, I hate laundry so much too!

Good luck with the site!

snowy652 said...

if you read my latest blog you will understand why I wanted to scream when I had laundry to do yesterday

good luck with your new site