Sunday, February 24, 2008

You following me?

Last night i downloaded a lot of cool brushes so i have decided to put them to use. I*ve been thinking the past few weeks to make a website. Nothing i want to pay for yet because i dont know how well it will do. I know I want to sell my items on etsy but i dunno how i would do a shopping cart on my website. If anyone knows a good place or somewhere you use please comment to let me know. I*ve got a theme picked out. It doesn*t really have to do with handmade but i love graphic design & different elements. So of course i decided to throw my $.02 in on it. :P I also used the brushes to create my new business cards. I figure i dont wanna pay $50 every time i want a cool looking card, so i decided to call the shots & make my own. I*ve got like 4 boxes of matte photo paper just laying around. Why not? To the left are the ones i made tonight.

I sucks that Justin will have my car everyday to go to work until we figure out what is wrong with his. He*s supposed to call the guy tomorrow. I hate being without a way to get out & go if i wanna. I need to go get more clay, I*m running low on all my colors. I*ve also decided i love to make cake pieces. I do believe I*ll make more of those. They take a while but they're so fun! I showed the yellow ones to my mom tonight & she thought i was going to let her HAVE them. Uhh, no? :o) I get all my stuff shipped to her house because our mailman doesn*t like to leave mail. lol i know right. I don*t want my precious*s [[ that a word? ]] to get lost in the mail.

Ohh! I made spaghetti tonight! Instead of making homemade noodles we tried the whole grain
noodles. YUMMY! I was a little worried at first but hey they were good, so we*ll be eating those from now on. Also i bought a little container of the "Laughing Cow" Cheese [[ to the left ]]. I got the Original Swiss & i must say... I LOVE IT!! I love cheese anyway but this is niiice. You should try it. :O) I can not be held responsible for your health, [[ if your not supposed to have dairy products ]] wallet, or appetite.

wow this one got long.. I*m in a good mood :P

3 people had something to say:

Princess Caitlin said...

haha! I saw the Laughing Cow commercials over and over this weekend. I wanted to buy some cheese so bad.

Regina (Lexi) said...

I always love new brushes! Good luck with that.

SouthPacificBody said...

I LOVE Laughing Cow Cheese! Never has it on spaghetti though! :)