Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do You Need Supplies?

Yay!! I entered my first BnR! I bought these cool stickers I*m going to hand out with my orders. You*ll have to wait to see what they are. I*m a stinker arn*t i? I cleaned the apartment today, it needed it i also dusted! I did the bathroom & vanity while Roo was out & he helped. He was trying to climb up my leg so i let him sit on my shoulder while i wiped everything down & i sat him on the counter when i cleaned the mirror & wiped down everything. He did good, he didn*t chew on anything but kept sneezing because of the smell of the windex. He*s so funny. I love him. He*s still chewing on his fur but i dont think there's anything wrong. I think he*s just doing it because he seems to be fine, the rest of his hair is growing back too. He watched cartoons last night while we slept. He usually barks for the tv & we don*t have a TV in our room yet because we*re always in the living room. He enjoyed it.

On an ETSY note, i made another set of cake earrings. The ones I made yesterday sold yesterday. So i made strawberry cake & vanilla creme icing. That's my dads favorite so i went with that, i think they*re so cute. I*ve decided not to make lip balms & lotions anymore. So I*m selling my lip balm & lotion materials. Here*s the deal I*ll be selling for $8 including shipping! So if you want these items please let me know & they are yours!

For Lotions:
~Spa Indulgence Body Lotion Fragrance in Floral Fantasy & Apple Orchards
Spa Indulgence Lotion colors: Lavendar color liquid color
Spa Indulgence Sea foam green liquid color.

For Lip balms:
Spa Indulgence Raspberry liquid flavoring
Spa Indulgence Apple liquid flavoring
Spa Indulgence Lavendar powder color
Spa Indulgence Light green powder color

feel free to comment here, convo me, or email me. I don*t want to throw them away & no one i know makes lotions or lip balms. Just $8 & everything is yours.

7 people had something to say:

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

These earrings are adorable! I really enjoyed reading your blog :)

Leslie said...

Thanks Grizzly! I like yours too, i should just add you to my blogger list. i think i shall.

Blaze said...

Hello!! :) Thank you for your sweet comment!

(we should be blog buddies! :))

Beadsme said...

Wow those cake earrings look delicious!!

Tizzalicious said...

These are so cute again!

Princess Caitlin said...

love the cake peices. :D So adorable!
Btw, I meant to tell you how cute I think your business cards are.


Your cake earrings look sooo yummy!!