Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not So Much

I was working on an idea but didnt like the way it came out. I was thinking of making stationary, but i have a photo printer so i didnt like the way it sort of made the images blurry. BLAH! I may go to Staples to have them printed, i asked around about the designs & a lot of people liked them. However I*m going to keep those under wraps just in case something happens. Justin got his car towed today, so now we have to wait 3 weeks for the guy to get to it! He didn*t know this until he got to the guys shop. He*s full for 3 weeks. thats crap, i have to work too. I love working with my mom. She*s letting me bring the X5 home Thursday so i can work for her on Friday because my dad*s going to be home all day. Woohoo!! I get my new credit card sometime this week. WATCH OUT ETSY! Just kidding! I think? I opened it because i intend to use it for etsy - to buy, ship, get supplies, whatever else.

My little cousin Siri went to the hospital this morning at 11am & my uncle didnt get home until 9pm. The hospital still didn*t have her in a room but they gave her 3 pints of fluid. She*s 1 year old & 2 months. She*s been in & out of the hospital though. She also has acid reflux. She use to cry all the time but she*s so funny & she*s adorable. Mom picked Aria [[who*s 5]] up from school & mom hung out with her until 9pm. I love her to death, she*s so "grownie". My uncle asked my mom to be at his house at 7am so he could go to work & aria could go to school. Aria said "well actually i might not feel like going to school tomorrow" lol she*s so grown! I wish i could pick her up & babysit until he gets home, but I*m stuck here.

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Tizzalicious said...

I'm really looking forward to see your stationery, if you get anything printed!

Blaze said...

What fun that you are making stationary!! I don't have an awesome printer either, so I have to go to Office Max... Maybe someday I can print my own stuff!

As for now, I guess we have to depend on the big guys! Have a great day!

TexasTesla said...

Poor Siri - hope she's ok. It's so tough when little ones get sick!

Making stationary is fun - but definitely get it professionally printed! I've learned that lesson myself. Unless you want to put a $800 printer on that new credit card. lol

Leslie said...

lol wow! no thanks I*ll just get them printed. heh then i could get them bound too. SWEET! thanks you guys

ThisOldHenHouse said...

oooh looking forward to seeing your new stationary!

... and I totally know what you mean about that whole credit card / etsy thing... I just did it this week! As much as I love my new stuff, I charged waaaayyyy to much.. but I'm addicted I tell you!

redd said...

acid reflux is brutal.
my son had it until he was about 1 and a bit. very sad. he grew out of though so there's hope for the little one in your life too