Wednesday, February 27, 2008

♥ It*s Almost Friday ♥

I*ve got a headache & it sucks! My head is killing me Justin is on the phone with Jonathan like yelling & laughing. I*m about to choke him. We ordered Papa John*s a few minutes ago, as soon as Justin clicked the order in Jonathan called & he asked us to o to dinner with him & Ashley. I miss Ashley! We were all so tight knit when we were all in the townhouse. We moved into Raleigh & they stayed in Wakefield so we are alittle farther now. I love it when Justin talks to Jonathan it puts him in a good mood because Jonathan*s crazy. Jen called & i talked to her a few minutes but my head is hurting so bad!

I hung out with Roo for along time while he was out. I decided to let him stay out a little longer because hes bord & hes chewing on his hair again! gahh!! We sorted bills & made file folders for everything. I wanna print out my order*s from etsy. Does anyone know how to do this? it wont let me cut it & paste it to photoshop. How am i posed to turn them in wit
h my taxes if i cant get them off the site? HmMmM..Justin & I are watching Dinner Impossable. This guy is stern, i wouldnt wanna work with him. I*d pee myself.

I*m holding a sale until tomrrow at Friday 12:01am

It*s Almost Friday
I*ve decided to start my sale a little early. Take 15% off my entire shop! You can either convo me with your item & I*ll mark it down or you can purchase them & I*ll refund the 15% to your paypal account. Have at it!

Here*s the pictures of Roo*s playtime

4 people had something to say:

Blaze said...

Your post is EXACTLY what I'm thinking: It's almost Friday!

Thank Goodness!!!

Tizzalicious said...

Good luck with your sale!

And have a great weekend!

Princess Caitlin said...

look at those big, cute ears!!

Nicole Solo said...

Roo is sooooo cute! I had three chilis, they are the best! Such attitude :D