Saturday, March 1, 2008


I just made myself a late lunch, i had a lean cuisine meal. It was beef pot roast. It was surprisingly really good. I woke up early this morning to go to Michael*s & the post office since Justin had to go to work ar 11:30. I*m working on a custom order i got last night, i had to take a break. I love doing custom order*s though. I throw on the Zune & earbuds then fall into my own world. Roo was really quiet last night,maybe because he knew i didn*t feel all that great. Justin fell asleep on the couch watching tv, i tried to wake him up 3 times. Nothing..He*s so hard to wake up, so i just went to bed.

I*m watching A&E & the way someone people think just amazes' me. It*s scary how mean people are these days. Even though this particular episode was a trial in 1989. Everytime you turn on the news it*s there. I don*t sit well with knowing i*m going to bring kids into a world like this. It*s crazy.

I*m working on some new items as well with the custom order. I*ll post those tonight when they*re done. I just felt like an afternoon blogging :O)

Here*s the newest :P My little key chain creation

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Princess Caitlin said...

sweet pie!

I like the way you photographed it on a recipe. ;-)

rtisan said...

Looks soooo cute and realistic!