Saturday, March 1, 2008

♥ "Buy 1 Item & qualify for a chance to win a FREE Easter Basket" ♥

I added a button to buy gift certificates to my shop. I think it*s nifty, I*ve bought a few gift certificates this way. I*m trying to decide what i wanna make today. Hmmm..I*m waiting on my mom to call me to let me know she*s coming. She*s usually to herself on Saturday but she said she was bored & wanted to get out of the house. I can*t wait for her to get here, she has my packages! I send all my packages to her house because my mailman doesn*t like to leave anyone*s mail here at the apartment complex.

"Buy 1 Item & qualify for a chance to win a FREE Easter Basket"
I*m putting together an Easter basket, Everyone who buys from my shop starting March 1st will be entered to win the basket, Your name will go in once for every item you buy. I will draw the name on March 16th. if you*d like to donate an item(s) from your shop along with business cards you can send me a convo. I*d like to have all the items that are being donated to be here by the March 15th so i can add the items to the basket.

If you decided to donate you can send anything that will fit in the basket. There is no amount of the item you have to send. It may range from $.50 to $10.00.

When the basket is shipped out it will be insured.

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Distressing Delilah said...

Hi there! just dropping by! Hope you get your packages fun waiting!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Nice post.My place has packages stolen if left out.