Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Theres always favorites

I*ve tried to be productive today craft wise but i guess it wasnt ment t be today, nothing is working. I guess I*ll see what happens tonight. Maybe because it*s 72* outside. hmmmm.. Oh well. I*m trading my cadberry egg earrings for chinchilla butt earrings. The earrings will look like this. Larry also captured my heart. He*s a cute little cupcake eatter & i want him. Justin & i have been talking about getting new wine glasses & stuff. I like unique things so i suggested we get these for wine glasses & these for plates. I think the plates are so cool! except not be a bunny but be Roo's butt. :O) I think they're cute!

I*m watching Bridezilla & wow....thats all i have to say. I can only imagine how much my wedding is going to be. I had no idea it was that expensive! Good god, I*ve gotta start selling some things or Justin & I are never getting married. Last night he asked me if i was going to keep my name or take his. I haven*t really thought about it...ok yeah i have. I want mine & i want his but i dont want the hyphen. So i guess I*ll take his. I just noticed i only have $10 in my wallet. How do you save money? I feel like I*m always buying something useless. Unless it*s my supplies. I really need to learn to save.

I made a batch of DELICIOUS suga cookies this morning. They're so yummy!!

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Princess Caitlin said...

Mmm. Yum. Cookies.

I'm trying to be productive, too. I went yarn shopping this weekend. My ambition is to make a felted wool "red riding hood" type cape-thingy. Probably too amitious, but I'ma give it a shot.

And, for real. How inconsiderate must those trees be? Here I am, also trying to save money, and now I have to go and pay half of whatever it's costing to fix the crazy van.

I think my comment is longer than your post.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Yum! I imagine those sugar cookies, still warm, with a chilly bowl of my favorite -- Cool Whip!