Saturday, February 23, 2008

Make Me An Offer

We*ve got all our bills due the next few days. So I*m having a little sale. I*m letting anyone who's interested contact me with an offer you*d be willing to pay on anything in my shop. I*ll be doing this until Sunday at 7:00pm. You can either e-mail me or send me a convo.

Just broke his car last night so he had to take mine to work today. I*ve been here all day with nothing to do. So i decided to make some earrings. I was looking at the cake i made a few days ago & so i made cake pieces & turned them into earrings. I think they*re super cute! Although i hate being left with no way to leave. Gah! He*s off on Sunday so I*ve gotta go see my mother to find out how I*m supposed to get to work.

Me & Roo played for an hour 1/2. He*s so funny, i accidently left the bathroom door open & i was in the living room cleaning his cage & i hear stuff fall into the bathtub. Yeah, he was milling around in the bathtub & knocked over the shampoo bottles. He knows what he*s not supposed to do so i walked in & he just sits up & stays still. I picked him up and he gave me kisses like "I*m sorry". He*s so adorable! I love the lil ball of fluff. I hope everyone has a great night!

2 people had something to say:

Tizzalicious said...

That's such a cool idea for a sale!

I love those earrings!

ThePeachTree said...

Yummm :)