Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cadberry Egg earrings

I blogged for yesterday, i wanted this one to have its own so i started a new posting. I was watching Justin play video games that got me thinking about our snowboarding trip for valentines day, then that set off a chain of events to recall. I thought about how i wont be able to go to my Grandad's for the family re-union & mom*s going to be upset. Then i thought I*ll be there on Easter - then i started thinking about Cadberry eggs & how i love them. So i made some Cadberry Egg earrings.

Justin's brother Brett stayed last night. We had fun although Roo fell ill. He was so stressed out that we let him out of the cage the he chewed his fur. Now he*s missing 2 big patches on both his sides. I didnt notice it until this morning then immediately called his vet. She said he was just stressed & he should be fine to give him lots of baths & if he*s still chewing by Monday to bring him in. I*m SO glad Petsmart has a chinchilla doc.They're unusual animals & i wouldnt trust him to anyone else.

I have decided against adding bath & body products to my shop. Ya gotta get insured & i really don*t have the extra money to do that right now. It made me a little nervous anyway. I*m happy with my decision, because now i can concentrate on my polymer clay & maybe expand in the purse / wallet direction. Theres enough bath & body people to keep the world happy. :O) I*ll buy from them.

4 people had something to say:

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

hahaah these are cute and look good enough to eat. :-)

Leslie said...

:P you know me always pushing the limits.

Home Hooked Creations said...

Those earrings are awesome! Who would have thought to make Cadburry egg earrings? Genius!

Leslie said...

Thanks Home Hooked Creations...I try to do the un-thinkable :O)