Monday, January 7, 2008

What Is What...

Whew, what a cool couple of days! I*ve had 4 etsy sales this week!!! I hope I don*t jinx myself. I*m excited!! Maybe the New Year won*t be so bad after all! I*ve been looking fr a job the last few days. hehe Some people in the ''real'' world are MEAN!! I try to keep things here in Leslie Land pleasant. Not going very well with the whole job thing though. Everyone just got rid of the people they didn*t need & don*t see a point in adding 1 they still don*t need. GRRR!!! I got more clay to make more goodies! I had an idea last night, it woke me up..To make a Breast Cancer bracelet. I believe i*m gonna try to do a line of Breast Cancer items & donate a percent of the profit to Pretty In Pink. I*m considering it..Maybe i*ll do it in October since October is Breast Cancer month. Hmmm...I*m making new necklace's tonight & i*m gonna try to get them on etsy tonight.

I*m hosting a sale until 01.08.08 at 11:59pm!! Free shipping!! ALSO whoever is the 90th person to <3 me on etsy can choose 30% off any item OR 35% off on an order of 2 items or more! Which ever you choose you get FREE shipping!!

Any orders over $25 get a FREE gift until 01.10.08!!

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