Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mastermind At Work

After being out shopping all day i came home & I*m craving chocolate so...i started on some polymer clay yum yum*s! I made a sale this morning to my surprise when i woke up i had a transaction e-mail. That felt good, then i got an e-mail about doing a customized magnet. I*m pretty pleased with myself. I thought it was going to be a total lose! I*m having girlie problems & thought i may be out for the count all day. I love Midol!! Walking around he mall i got inspired by a few things too.When Justin & i went to the food court there was a speaker for North Carolina State University there, no one was speaking when we sat down to eat but the seats around us quickly filled with red.heh My University Of North Carolina sweatshirt was the only blue shirt in a sea of red. ;D I*m sure some of them we're mad, they kept looking at me. Sorry!

So here i am creating polymer clay things. If you have a request drop me an e-mail & let me know. I love to
stretch out my imagination to see what comes out.

Also...if you have any good bands i wanna know!! I*ve got an excellent musical collection but it can always be expanded. I love music!!

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