Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The hardest partof having a good day is making it last.

Happy New Year everyone! It wasnt so bad. Justin & I didn*t go out though, i didn*t feel up to it. I*ve had the same headache for like 3 days. Today is the 8 month anniversary of Justin & I. We*ve known each other for 3 years but on a whim 8 months ago we decided to just jump in & do it. We worked together & tried to keep it a secret but failed. We*ve been through a lot because i can be a stubborn jackass at times, all that is behind us now & theres no where to go but forward. I feel so weird..i*m sitting here listening to a German band & I translated the lyrics to English so i*m singing in English & hes singing in German. hehe ;D I*m so goofy..S'good song though. The song is called ''Fuer Uns'' or ''For Us''

''Wir 2 gegen den Rest - für uns und für alles,
Wir 2 gegen den Rest - für uns und für alle,
was wir sind Sind alle bereit,
hier sind die Fotos im Album der Zeit''

''We 2 against the rest - for us and for everything
We 2 against the rest - for us and for all, what we are
Are all of the ready here Are photos in the album of the time''

How appropriate for the occasion. If anyone is into international music. You should download it. The band is called Revolverheld. Haha, i found the band on Guitar hero III. They have a semi English song on it. Hope everyone has a good day!

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