Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Want free stuff?

I went to look for a job today, blah! I stopped by Justin*s work & he followed me home. I hate driving in traffic! I*ve made a custom magnet & i*ve made some new pendant necklaces. It*s so relaxing to be able to sit down & zone out. Justin got his helicopter yesterday so he went to Matt*s house for alittle while to play. Hehe how cute! They're like 2 little kids. I decided to stay & play with my clay. He wont let me buy anything else until i get a job. Which is crap! I sold some lotion tonight. All my pendants are on sale until Feb. 10th. I also do customized polymer clay. If ya have an idea. let me know through e-mail I*d be glad to see what i can do.


I*m also giving a free pendant to my 10th sale! [[ ]] I*ll send ya 29 unique images you can choose from. But only 1 & only to my NEXT sale. My pendants are all on sale as is right now for valentines day. Get yours before prices go up. & hey..ya get something free!

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