Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Theres chinies food all over the table!

I*ve felt like crap all day!! I called my mom & she said it sounded like what she had, guhh!! she was sick for a week!! I*m helping her work tomrrow by running some of her errons. I*m so glad she let me help her, i so need the money! Justin's all get a job, get a job. Anyone who*s been looking knows its alittle harder than it sounds because everyone just let go of Christmas help! i did however make new earrings today. I believe I*m going to start a new line of bracelets, earrings, necklace, & whatnots. Not going to give away my secret just yet. If you stay tuned you*ll see little things pop up in my shop. I do hope you enjoy them! Just be sure not to eat them!

I did a custom order for a nice lady tonight. I*m trading her the charms & a few other things for 2 kick ass purses!! *drools* i love purses!

For everyone who's taking my pole thats on etsy, if you convo me to let me know you took the pole, I*ll let you take 30% off anything in my shop.

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