Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All in a day's work

It*s been so long since I*ve got up early to be somewhere, like at moms house to run her errons at 9 this morning! I forgot how much it sucks to wake up at 8..Gahh!! I met a friend she always talks about & she*s so awesome! She's loud & cusses alot becuse she*s italian. I was going to bring dad with me for some father daughter bonding time but he was gone when i got to moms house. I can*t find a job right this second because no 1 is hiring anyone. I think it*s pretty cool running all over Raleigh doing this & doing that. Not bad for 3 hours of work. I don*t wanna throw it out there how much it is..but the phones Justin & i wanted are $550 with our plain & everything. We shall be getting those on Friday when she pays me for Friday. :o) All in a day's work.

Justin*s playing video games & i played guitar hero with him for awhile, but now my head hurts. I
took it upon myself to make an Xbox 360 controller. I made one in pink & one in white. They're cute! I do believe i shall sell the little guys as 3's. You can purchase them here. There's so much detail in those little guys, i was surprised just one took me 45 minutes. The first i made was baby pink. Because it*s a replica of MY controller. Justin's useing a white one & i had white clay so i said why not. I think they're cute.

I was informed last night that Justin & I are going snowboarding Febuary 16-19th. So i wont be able to send packages that week. It*s my valentines present he says. I wanted to see it now & i wanted to go snowbaording because i havent been in forever! I*m really not good at it all, but it*s fun. I*m usually pretty sore the days after but it*s worth it. I*m excited!!

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PamperingBeki said...

That is super cute!!

Leslie said...

Thanks :o)