Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello Saturday

I was so tired yesterday when i got home from doing all moms stuff. No wonder no one else wants to help her..heh..Oh well I*ve gotta suck it up until i find a job. Justin & i got our phones (they're so awesome!) on Thursday & we*ve been playing with them since Thursday. We*ve gotta wait until our memory cards get here to add all the stuff we want. Only thing is you can only hold like 8 ring tones on the phone memory, but since ya could only use 1 at a time I*ve come up with an idea. :O) put them on the card! I*ve already got 2 play lists i want to put on the phone & i get FM radio. it*s so clear i was jammin around moms house yesterday & my dad asked if i*d stop being so loud. :o)

I*m going to try to make a key fob, but i have no sewing machine because i dont want to bring Justin's mom to the apartment & don*t wanna hang out at their house because they*ve got so much going on. So I*m going to try to handstitch the fob. Anyone think this is a good idea? I*m going to double stitch it of course, but any feedback would be awesome!

I have nothing to do today, so peaceful. Just going to hang out with Roo. I*ve also gotta talk to someone at the post office about my address change. They arn*t delivering my mail & its a pain in the butt because the packages I*m suppose to be getting from etsy are going back to the people i bought them from & they're having to re-send them. GrRrRrRr...

2 people had something to say:

W. J. St. Christopher said...

I hand-sewed a bedspread a few years ago -- so I say go for the fob!

Leslie said...

Thanks!! I believe i shall..what if the stitches are alittle rustic?