Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today has been long for some reason. I made some Macadamia nut shortbread cookies to ship to a sweet lady that ordered them, i ate half of them. :P Of course she got the dozen she ordered but i dipped into the extra i knew i was going to have. They're awesome!! i brushed them with lemon curd. [[ which i had no idea what it was until this morning while hunting it down ]]They were excellent. Moms glad i got into desserts. Dad's mad because he*s diabetic & cant have some of the things. He finds ways to sneak things in though. He*s a brave man!! he replaces the soft drinks with water & the crystal light water packs. [[ i love the lemon aid - he got me hooked! ]] He usually doesnt eat anything sweet now..i couldn*t do it!!

Specially for Valentines day i made Chocolate covered cherry earrings. It*s just not Valentines Day without chocolate covered cherries!! Can*t forget the hearts that taste alittle like chalk. For some reason i like them though. I do believe i shall make me & the boyfriend some chocolate covered cherries & dipped strawberry tux's for the great day.

I*ve gotta ship all my packages tomrrow. I was going to do it today, i was going to wait until i shipped the shortbreads. By the time i got to the post office they had already closed. Pfff, dont they know who i am? 0:P We had pizza for dinner but i want something sweet to munch on.

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