Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Angels Wings

I made a new pendant this morning. It*s my favorite! It*s a simple day if spring with a slight breeze. I hope someone buys it soon, if not I*m scared I*m going to keep it. I love it this is my favorite. The pendant is 1 inch x 1 inch, the pink ribbon is 15 inches L. Its just so serene.

I also made this pendant a few days ago. It*s clay & i love the way it came out. Flawless! This charm is also 1 inch x 1 inch. It hangs on a black ribbon 15 inches L. Butterflies are my favorite & if ya like them as much as i do this pendant is the way to go.

I got a call from my bestestest friend last night & her brother is in the hospital with pneumonia. He can*t breath on his own & his lungs are shutting down so the doctors don*t know what will happen. I*m going to the hospital to hang around for a while. She*s been my best friend for 12 years & I*ve never seen her this upset. I know it*s because it*s her family & if it was my brother i*d be in the same position. :o(

I added the new features tonight as well.
07. - "I consider that the creativity is a gift that need to give its own freedom, the designs of my jewels reflect my feelings and emotions, I always treat of being dedicated in which I do until being able to say that is finished and therefore putting it on sale"
08. - "my shop is what happens when a hopeless romantic is turned loose with a camera and printer- instant sentiment and inspiration!"

2 people had something to say:

Shannon said...

How is your friends brother doing now? I hope all is well:) Great Blog, I added you to mine:)

Samrana said...

These pendants are gorgeous and I can understand why you wanted to keep them, hopefully you'll find a buyer for them soon. Great blog