Friday, December 28, 2007

What a beautiful day!

Wow.. i dunno what it is.. hehe i went to bed this morning at 2:00am but woke up at 1:45pm. going on...hehe i dunno.. i*m so glad i don*t have to hear anymore video games being played CONSTANTLY!!

I did Justin's highlight's. Pretty good huh? I also did mine, i*m gonna finish up tomorrow. I*m do my burgundyish streaks tomorrow. I did it my original color tonight though.

I was cleaning the apartment while Brett & Justin were playing away at their viedo games. I looked over & Roo did some cleaning of his own. He had lined up all his toys & was taking a nap. How funny?! I took a picture because i didnt think anyone would believe me. He has sooo much personality to not be human! hehe I love him! He*s so funny. Brett was sleeping on the couch last night & i left the doors open so i could hear him because i always leave the doors open so i can hear him. He made me get up like 4 times. I turned on his nightlight, then turned on his radio, then gave him a treat & played with him for a minute or two, then got up & turned the tv on & he was fine for the rest of the night!hehe he*s so unique! Heres a picture of him & his toys:

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