Thursday, December 27, 2007

Interesting Day Of Doing Nothing,

I didnt wake up until 12 to do nothing ;D wait..thats everyday! I did get Roo new bedding & he got a bath. He*s so funny! Daniel & Justin's little bro Brett were here. They're playing Rock Band..It*s so awesome! Although SO loud!

I made a mexican feast last night! I made hard & soft shell taco's, homemade cheese dip, chips & dip, & Spanish rice. They were impressed i was proud of myself! That's the 1st dinner i*ve made since we*ve been in the new apartment. We've gotten almost everything unpacked. I*m excited to be here. It*s not the townhouse with the other roomates we had!! Whew. One more day in that place & I Was ready to gag!! It*s so quiet here! I just love it!

I tried my hand at lip balms & lotions last night. Went well, i believe i*ll continue to make them. I*m selling the lip balms & pots for $1.00 a piece & the lotions for $2.50 a piece. I*ll throw in a lop balm or lip pot & lotion for $3.00 if anyone is interested. The only reason i*m not completely satisfied is because i didnt make the labels on my computer so they're hand written. They're to small to fit in my printer. I*m gonna do a lot of the flavored lip balms. They taste so good! I*m not advertising the flavors yet though :D So ya gotta wait & keep popping in. If your interested is where you can find them along with other things i*ve made.

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