Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Weekend Over..

I can't put down the ipod! Blair put the new Stone Sour cd on it last night & its awesome! I'd say it might be better than their first cd. That's just my opinion..My favorite song by far is "Say You'll Haunt Me". Check out the song & the video? 

 I did add 2 tanks, i had added them to & sold a few but forgot to list them on etsy (i know right, duhh) This weekend has been so busy, when i think i'll have a few minutes to myself my phone rings.Friday night Jenny & I had a girls night in but her boyfriend Wes was there so we let him partake in the festivities.She cooked & i brought a movie. It was "The Backup Plan". Last night Blair had a UFC party, Jenny & I got there early to cook while Wes & Blair played video games. We all had fun, the fight was over really late & everyone was tired & sort of buzzed. I met Jenny at Shelly Lake for a nice stroll around the lake because it was 75* instead of the usually 98*! Our high for next week is 81*, I'm so excited, i'm ready for fall!

Take a peek at the new listings (Already clearanced because fall's coming {eventually})

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