Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Elegance!

Ok, i lied...I relisted the "Elegance in Periwinkle earrings" today! They're so pretty i couldn't help it! I also made myself a pair this time. I made another pair of elegant earrings too but my laptop wont read my camera card so i will have to post those tomorrow when i get home from work.

These earrings are gorgeous! These are sterling silver earrings on sterling silver ear wires. Encrusted with crystallized Swarovski crystals.

Earrings measure 1" x 1"

This pair will come in a organza pouch

On another note, I'm doing a giveaway!!
I'll be doing one EVERY month until Christmas. I'm planning to try to do a big one for Christmas. There are a few different ways to get extra credit for the giveaway. I*m excited about it & i know you guys will love it!

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Holly said...

These are beautiful! They're so glamorous and fancy. You do great work! I can't wait to see what kind of giveaway you've got planned. I think that doing one every month is a neat idea. You'll make lots of people happy that way!

Nicole said...

I'm your newest friday follower!!!

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