Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a beautiful day

Although I*d rather be at the beach today isnt a bad day, accoding to the weather it was supposed to rain all day but none has fallen yet. I*m trying to get all my accounts back in order. I miss you guys! For the first few weeks im going to need a little help on content. I*d love for you guys to tell me whar you want to hear about. I*m still crafting a little, as i have 2 part time jobs & I*ll be going back to school in the fall I want to keep this up. I enjoy reading about other people's day. Maybe because i*m nosey?

I*ve also thought about doing a critque? I LOVE to cook & baked. If you guys have a recipe you*d like me to make & comment on please feel free to comment & I*ll get in touch with you. If this little cork is effective & i have more recipe submissons I*ll add my e-mail address so everyone can be descreet if you want to be heard not seen.

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Princess Caitlin said...

OOoh Leslie! I don't know if you've seen my last post, but if you like cookies or brownies, you mustmustmust try this recipe. It's super easy and I'm totally addicted to these cookies now. Seriously, I'm making myself fat!

except I leave out the peanut butter chips because I'm kind of a purist. :)

try it!!

Good to "see" you again, btw :)