Friday, May 8, 2009

A Day of Latte's

Today is going to be another long day & again, I*m not sleepy at all. I*m really excited more than anything. I*ve been sitting around thinking about different components & since I*ve got a job now i can get more stuff. MUAHAHA!! :D I find myself pondering in things that would usually scare me away. I*m ready for a change though. I*ve been on the zipper pouch kick because they come in handy, I*ve made myself & friends a bunch, so many that i had to oil my sewing machine. Speaking of zipper pouches, i got around to making one today. I*ll post it later this afternoon when i get home & take photo's. I*m running moms errands again in the morning at 8am while she works, then i have to be at Staples at 10:45am to fill out my paperwork & maybe do a little training. Ryan*s also going to give me my hours for next week, i think i have like 4 days? We went over it a little today when i went in to buy a bubble envelope & to give him the days i needed off :P He said "your not even on payroll until Friday & you come to me wanting 5 days off already?" I just smiled & he shook his head, he knows how i operate. I have the bands coming to Lake Donna on the 16th with the EMS Auxiliary team. Ryan said if he puts me in the copy center it will keep me occupied & since i talk to everyone i can talk them into stuff they dont need {he only half hearted meant that} to improve our monthly quota. Needless to say I*m going to need a venti white chocolate mocha from Starbucks to accomplish all that needs to be done today. Wish me luck!

New zipper pouch just listed

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Piggy said...

Beautiful blog! I love the pink ribbons against the black/white dots! :) Had fun reading your day.. I need my mocha every morning too.. Wish I can sew.. but I can't...

missknits said...

oh my! what a day!! but congrats on the new job! and looking forward to seeing your new creations!!

Dorothy said...

I love zipper pouches I use them all the time I think it makes life more organized.

Found you from comments on Junes blog.

Dorothy from grammology